Zootopia Disney Infinity Review

First of all, I loved Zootopia. I wouldn’t say it was one of my favorite Disney films, but it’s way up there and a few more views have potential to change that. But it’s definitely a fan-favorite. It currently even has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes which isn’t easy! Even The Lion King has a 91%.

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Disney Infinity has the great privilege to bring characters from all of these amazing films into their games. Unfortunately sometimes that means creating content well before the film is actually finished. This is the case with Zootopia and I believe it hindered the in-game content a bit.

Nick_Wilde_ArtworkNick Wilde Figure

Nick’s pretty strong and holds his own with the other Disney Infinity characters. I was able to explore his skill tree pretty extensively, but there’s nothing too substantial to unlock. He fights with a large popsicle seen in the film and he can even summon his deceivingly cute sidekick who packs a punch and fights with his own popsicle. Overall, he’s a great addition to the roster and if you’re a fan of the film, he’s worth spending some time with in the game. Bonus: he’s voiced by Jason Bateman who also voices Nick in the film.

Where Nick’s in-game counterpart lacks his figure makes up – this is one of the best designed figures to date and I can imagine him sticking around in my collection long after Disney Infinity. From his paint job to his pose to his intricately designed details, Nick Wilde’s figure is pure quality. This was worth the purchase alone.

JudieHopperJudy Hopps Figure

While Judy is the lead in the film, she’s not as strong in the toy box. However, her strength is paired nicely with her ability to deal out attacks and limit her foe from being able to land a hit on her. Her lack of a ranged weapon really hinders performance. Unfortunately the biggest let down is her special move – a tranquilizer gun which paralyzes your enemies. Nowhere in the film is this gun used and it feels like it’s something from the film that ended up on the cutting room floor. It’s not a very thought-out special. I would have loved to see her ricochet through enemies sort of like Tinker Bell instead. Her strength is in her speed and that would have been an excellent chance to further it in her figure. Her animations and voice over (also done by her film voice actor, Ginnifer Goodwin) are done very well. The physical figure also looks stunning – the team has really stepped it up for 3.0 figures and it shows. Overall, she’s a fun addition to the game but I feel they may have missed the mark a bit.

Power Discs

Zootopia Discs

I could go on a rant about my love for blind bags, but I’ll save you the lengthy post and just say this: it’s hindering the content we’re getting in the game. I feel Nick’s costume disc – however cute – is forced to fill a slot. This content in the movie is a split second and his original design is better than the costume disc. I love Judy’s costume disc, but I keep wondering if I would have preferred her carrot farmer costume instead. The skydome shows Zootopia in the distance at night – something we never see in the film. I think the skydome is based on some early concept art. I would have preferred to be dropped in the middle of Zootopia during the day with Gazelle’s “Try Everything” playing in the background. The texture disc follows with the same sort of disappointment. It drops us into Sahara Square but the set pieces are from the Rainforest District. Zootopia has so much awesome architecture included. I keep thinking back to the moment when we first see Zootopia and how exciting, beautiful, and unique the city looks. I would have loved to see this brought into Disney Infinity.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of the film this is content you’ll definitely want to spend some time with inside Disney Infinity. However, this is another moment that Disney Infinity missed the mark a bit, most likely due to working on the game’s content well before the release of the film. Disney has such rich content and we expect the same sort of detail for the in-game representations. However, the figures are done with absolutely amazing detail and justify the purchase alone.

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