Zootopia Animal Pun Easter Eggs!

Zootopia has got to be one of the greatest Disney films we’ve seen in a long time. It brings together heart and humor in a special way that made it a smash hit around the world. Like all things Disney, some of the magic is in the finer details of the film.

Unlike some of the animated films we’ve seen in the past, Zootopia went above and beyond to create a world that felt real and grounded in reality (considering that it’s full of talking animals). The world of Zootopia is a character in and of itself. When we get a glimpse of the city and it’s busy population, every frame is peppered with delightful easter eggs and clever puns.

Zootopia Animal Pun Easter Eggs

Some of the puns are kind of obvious… Like the little mouse village and it’s signature Mousy’s department store:

Zootopia Mousy's Easter Egg Animal Pun Zootopia Animal Pun Easter Eggs!

Some of the animal puns are subtle and hidden, like the ride sharing service ZUBER (Migration At Your Fingertips), featured on this billboard in Tundratown:

Zuber Zootopia Animal Pun Easter Egg Zootopia Animal Pun Easter Eggs!

There’s almost too many amazing animal puns to list, so we put together a collection of our favorite 24 Animal Pun Easter Eggs in this fun little video:

Want a closer look? Check out our Animal Pun Gallery!

We know there are tons that we missed, so let us know in the comments below what your favorite Zootopia Animal Pun is and where to find it!

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