Where to Find Keyblade Materials – Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Your full material list for building keyblades in KHUX

Keyblade Materials

Keyblades are one of the most important items in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. Upgrading those keyblades is essential to being successful in the game. Here is our growing list of the materials that can be found in the game and their locations.

Since Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is fairly new, we’re growing this list every day. If you have any updates or things you’ve discovered, feel free to contact us and let us know so we can make updates!

How to get Mythril Shards?
These are obtained by meeting the objectives for each story, special, or event quest. There’s generally one per level, although sometimes there aren’t any.

How to get Mythril Stones, Mythril Gems, and Mythril Crystals?
While these are randomly obtainable in each level though chests or enemy drops, they are also readily available through Mythril Madness every weekend under Special Events. You can do the first level for stones, the second level for gems, and the third for crystals. You’ll get between 2-3 for each level you play.

How to get Orichalcum?
You will get one orichalcum for every 25 quests you clear in the story mode. These are limited in the game so use them wisely. You’ll need three in total to level each keyblade up to +20.

Materials and Chests in All Released Levels

Quests 1 – 50
Quests 51 – 100
Quests 101 – 150
Quests 151 – 200
Quests 201 – 250

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    • These are obtained through chests and through special missions in the events page. We’re definitely adding this to the guide in the future for some more concrete places but for now that’s where we’ve been able to find them. 🙂

  1. Do you know the time for the mom mummy medals since I’m at a pacific time was wondering if you could post that would be helpful

    • There are two of us working in the same time zone on this and we’ve noticed that the Munny Medals Madness are not tied to timezone. We’re trying to figure out when these show up. So far, they seem tied to something else and only show up for 30 minutes. If we’re talking about something else please correct me. 🙂

  2. No thats what i was talking about since on i notice the times are not the same for the money medals i call the moogle since it has that characater but yes those arenthe ones

  3. This is an amazing list, just wanted to say that first. I’ve been trying to do something similar personally, but I haven’t been including health/attack point chests. So this is amazingly helpful for that. I just want to mention that there are three kinds of item drop chests. Red, Blue and Purple. With purple being the best and blue being the middle.

    I would also like to mention for everyone that reads this in general that mission 63 is the -only- quest that I have been able to discern with two purple chests. I may be wrong in it being the only one, but there are very few if there are others.

    • Good notes! I haven’t been able to tell the difference between the purple and blue ones but I’ll keep a closer look out and update this list! I’m going to do a writeup for Quest 63. There’s also one in the 30’s that’s particularly helpful and another in the 20’s that has a boat-load of heartless that helps with hitting that raid boss.

      If you find any other tips I’ve missed feel free to let me know so I can include them as well!

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