The Classic Marvel Ultimate Alliance Games Return

In Celebration of its 10th Anniversary!


The classic Marvel videogames published by Activision and developed by Raven Software – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 – return remastered for the current generation of consoles: PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Director Bill Rosemann and Executive Producer Mike Jones from Marvel Games confirmed that both games will be released next Tuesday, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the first game.

The games have been polished up for better performance while also adding online co-op functionality and most of the DLC that was originally made available for both games. Each game will be available for $39.99 or you can buy a bundle with both games for $59.99.

Marvel Alliance 2 Roster

Marvel Ultimate Alliance launched on 2006, as a spiritual successor to the critically well-received games, X-men Legends 1 & 2. This game did not only let you play as 4 different X-men on one team, instead you had a big roster of Marvel characters, spanning from the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and more. These games hold a special place in fans’ hearts, as they are one of the few story games they get to see all the marvel heroes together, particularly the X-men with the Avengers.

Will you be picking this up next week?

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