Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Will Continue to Change the Game

New Looks, New Enemies, and New Challenges

Thrawn Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels reached an amazing height at the end of last season. We potentially saw the fall of Ahsoka – or at least a huge hurdle she is going to have to face. Ezra is fighting his dark side with (or against) Maul. And Kanan has been blinded.

Season three is set up to ditch even more of the comedic story writing in favor of the thick canon material we’ve been seeing towards the end of season two.

Today Disney dropped a poster and trailer which gives us just enough – but somehow still not enough – to tide us over until the season premieres this fall. As if we had any more reason to wish away summer on our way to plenty of Star Wars content coming very soon. A few (canon) books are being released in the coming months, both featuring characters featured in the Star Wars Rebels series – Ahsoka and Thrawn.


See the trailer and some screen caps below:Kanan Star Wars Rebels Season 3

Ezra Star Wars Rebels Season 3

Star Wars Rebels

Thrawn Star Wars Rebels

Thrawn Star Wars Rebels

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