SDCC Haunted Mansion Glow In The Dark Funko POPs!

When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls; Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still – that is the time when glow in the dark Funko Haunted Mansion POPs are near!

That’s right! This year at the SDCC, Funko released a very limited run of glow in the dark Haunted Mansion Funko POPs! Following up last year’s release of the Disney Park exclusive set, this new collection had a small 1,000 piece run and improved on some already awesome POPs.


We remember grabbing these POPs last year and eagerly returning home to turn off the lights and gaze in wonder as they glowed in the dark, only to find out that they had no such glowing magic. Funko must have heard our sad prayers and stepped them up for their rerelease.

The new color scheme for the set is reversed, with the Hitchhiking trio now a translucent white and the Hat Box Ghost a translucent blue. The molded vinyl also features a generous sprinkling of glitter throughout each figure.

Haunted Mansion Funko POPs SDCC

We got our hands on a set of these spooky POPs and LOVE THEM! The Hitchhiking Ghosts glow BEAUTIFULLY with very minimal charging from a nice light source, but unfortunately the darker plastic of the Hat Box ghost leaves him with a very lack luster glow that doesn’t last very long.

Haunted Mansion Funko POPs SDCC Glowing

These POPs are worth every penny to us (the total set is hovering around $300 on eBay currently, or about $100 each.) Luckily for us we got them for a great deal early in the show and couldn’t be more thrilled to have them in our collection. We’ve caught ourselves going into the office at night, flipping on the lights for a quick moment to let them charge, then turning off the lights just to bask in their happy haunting glow!

Want to see more?

Check out our video review of the awesome POPs here:

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