Peter Pan Disney Infinity Figure Leaked

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Peter Pan Figure

Since the death of Disney Infinity, tons of information has leaked about content that was to come. We were finally going to see our first Disney Animation play set with Moana. A Rogue One play set was in the works (although that may have run into issues with Disney’s reshoots of the film), and a badass female super hero was ready to hit the ground running – Spider-Gwen. The news of these releases hit hard, but nothing was harder than the official announcement we had of a figure we’ll never get – Peter Pan.

Today Reynaldo Perez stumbled upon an image of what looks like the final Disney Infinity figure design. Turns out the photos are from an Avalanche artist. Note: We’ve removed his name by request due to possible NDA issues.

Check out the figure design here. We also uncovered the first Premium Disney Infinity figure.


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