Moana Disney Infinity Play Set Was in Development

The Play Set was fairly complete, prototypes and promotional material leaked.

Disney Infinity can’t help but turn in its grave. We’ve had several figures leak, and now a play set we were set to see alongside the release of Moana this fall. This would have been the first Disney Animation play set to date. Nope, not even Frozen had seen a play set yet.

The play set would have had two figures – Moana and Maui. Studio Gobo was developing the play set at the time of cancellation. Thanks to Kotaku, we have some gorgeous screen shots of the play set in action. Think Disney’s Wind Waker.

Disney Infinity Moana Play Set Promo Leak

Disney Moana Play Set Screen Shot

Disney Moana Play Set Screen Shot

A day later, Ifiniteer Adventures leaked a closer look at the figures. These are photos of the prototypes meaning that the figures were well into production. A ton of content from Disney Infinity was left on the cutting room floor.

Disney Moana Play Set Screen Shot

Disney Moana Figure Leak

Disney Moana Maui Moana Figure Leak

Watch the full video here:

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