Medal Guide – Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Learn all 7 Types of Medals

Attack Medals

These medals are the most common. They can be leveled up as well as evolved to bring them from 1★ to 6★. They will range from characters in Kingdom Hearts, to Final Fantasy, to general Disney characters. Below is breakdown of what each of the stats mean and how to make the most out of each of your medals.


  1. Medal Number: There are currently over 200 medals, including their evolutions and this number is only going to grow. This number corresponds to the Medal Album under Menu – Other – Album.
  2. Attribute: There are three kinds of attributes – Speed (green), Power (red), and Magic (blue).
  3. Share: This will set your medal as the one you’re sharing with friends. Want to rid the world of those pesky Donald medals? Share your best medal for the world to use!
  4. Lock: This will protect your medal from being replaced, deleted, or fused with other medals. Click this for your best medals.
  5. Stars (★): This tells you what evolution level your medal is. There’s a total of 6★ levels. You’ll need certain requirements (read below) to evolve to the next ★ level.
  6. Level Up: Fuse your medals with Experience Medals to gain experience and increase your medal level (no. 8). Read below to learn more.
  7. Evolve: This will allow you to evolve your medal with certain Evolution Medals. Read below to learn more.
  8. Medal Level: This will show you how much you’ve leveled up your medal. You’ll need a fully-leveled up medal to evolve it. (Read more about leveling up as well as evolution below)
  9. Special Attack Marker: Your special attack for each medal will either attack a single enemy, or it will attack all of them. This indicated what your medal will do. This icon means that Sora will attack all of the enemies. If it didn’t have the white marks around the yellow symbol it would attack only a single enemy.
  10. Attack Dots: These black dots can get be filled by fusing exactly alike medals. When the dots are filled, your damage multiplier will increase. (Read more about this below)
  11. Skills: You’ll see either Defense Up, Attack Up, Poison, Paralyze, or Sleep in this box. You can gain skills by fusing with a Skill Medal. (Read more below)

Experience Medals

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are exclusively used to level up characters. They benefit you the most when they are fused with medals of the same attribute. For instance, pairing Louie with another speed (green) attribute medal will give more experience than using Huey. For more information on leveling up your characters quickly, see our leveling up guide.

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Stat Boost Medals

Chip and Dale are special medials that boost your stats. Chip will give you an attack boost while Dale will give you a defense boost. You can use these while fusing to give your medal the respective stat boost.

Skill Medal

Scrooge McDuck is a skill medal that will give your character medals a skill. The skills that are available are: Defense Up, Attack Up, Poison, Paralyze, and Sleep. You’ll be able to use these skills against your enemies to give yourself an extra edge in the game.

Cost Reduction Medal

Cid’s the face of this medal. Fusing with a Cid medal will decrease the cost needed to equip it to your keyblade. Your keyblade only has so much Keyblade Cost which is increased in the Avatar Board by spending Avatar Coins to advance across the many boards. You’ll start to fill this easily so reducing the cost of some of your stronger medals is very useful.

Moogle Medals

While reselling all medals will give you some form of munny, Moogle medals will give you quite a bit more. You cannot fuse these with other medals. Munny is used when fusing medals. The higher the level of your medal, the more it costs to fuse it and level it up. Here’s a guide on the amount of munny you’ll get from each star level moogle.

One Star: 1,000 Munny
Three Star:
Five Star: 12,200 Munny
Six Star: 32,000 Munny

Evolution Medals

There are quite a few medals used for evolving other medals. You’ll find these from raid bosses, drops, and special events. For each evolution rank, you’ll need different medals. Here’s a description of what you’ll need for each ★ rank along with a fully leveled up medal:

1★: 1 Cheshire Cat
2★: 2 Merlin
3★: 3 Fairy Godmother
4★: 2 Yen Sid and 2 Attribute-Specific Good Fairies (Flora, Fauna, or Merryweather)
5★: 3 Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey and 2 Attribute-Specific Good Fairies  (Flora, Fauna, or Merryweather)

Note: Flora is power (red), Fauna is speed (green), and Merryweather is magic (blue). Also, DO NOT FUSE THESE WITH ATTACK MEDALS. You’ll gain a very minimal amount of experience and you won’t be able to use your evolution medal again.

Ability Dots

If you’re leveling up your character medal, you may want to save some of the same medal for the future. Once you get your medal to a  3★ medals, you’ll start to see ability dots appear in the Special Attack section of your medal description. These dots can be filled by fusing your medal with the same exact same medal. For instance, if you have a KH Sora Ver. B, 3★ medal you’ll need another KH Sora Ver. B, 3★ medal to fill one of those ability dots. By filling the ability dot, your medal’s special ability damage multiplier will increase.

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