Character List – Magic Kingdoms

Magic Kingdoms Character List

The new Magic Kingdoms app is packed with some fantastic characters from iconic films both Pixar and Disney. At the launch of the app you can unlock characters from Toy Story, Monster’s Inc, Wall-E, Tangled and Peter Pan!

We’ve put together a full list of all the characters available inside the new game and what it takes to unlock them!

Mickey & Friends

The cast of classic Disney characters are available in these two packs.

Magic Kingdoms Character List

Pluto – Unlocked With Gems

Mickey Mouse – Defaults With Game

Minnie Mouse – Defeat Emperor Zerg!

Magic Kingdoms Character List

Goofy – Unlocked during game tutorial.

Daisy – Defeat the troublemaker Pete.

Donald – Coming soon!

Pete – Defeat the troublemaker Pete.

Toy Story

Unlock characters from the classic Pixar franchise, Toy Story!

Magic Kingdoms Character List

Emperor Zurg – Defeat Emperor Zurg to unlock.

Jessie – Unlocked during game tutorial.

Woody – Unlocked during game tutorial.

Buzz Lightyear – Defeat the troublemaker Pete.

Magic Kingdoms Character List

Bo Peep – Unlocked during Woody’s storyline.

Hamm – Welcome Jessie to unlock.

Sarge – Unlocked during Woody’s storyline.

Rex – Defeat the troublemaker Pete.

Monsters, Inc.

Unlock characters from Pixar’s classic film Monsters, Inc.

Magic Kingdoms Character List

Mike – Unlocked during the Toy Story quests.

Sully – Unlock during Mike’s quest line.

Boo – Unlocked during the Toy Story quests.

Magic Kingdoms Character List

Roz – Unlocked during the Toy Story quests.

Celia Mae – Unlocked during Mike’s quests.

Randal – Defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg!


Play with your two favorite autonomous robots from the Pixar classic Wall-E!

Magic Kingdoms Character List

Wall-E – Unlocked during the Toy Story quests.

Eva – Unlocked during the Toy Story quests.


Unlock the cast of Disney’s animated favorite, Tangled and help Rapunzel see the lanterns!

Magic Kingdoms Character List

Mother Gothel – Coming soon!

Flynn Ryder – Defeat the evil Emperor Zurg!

Rapunzel – Unlocked during the Tangled quest line!

Maximus – Defeat the evil Emperor Zurg!

Peter Pan

Cast some fairy dust and learn to fly with the one and only Tinkerbell!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 4.15.44 PM

Tinkerbell – Unlocked after playing for 5 days straight.

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