Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Hits 2 Million Downloads


The long-awaited mobile game hit mobile stores April 7th, 2016 and just over a month later it has skyrocketed to 2 Million downloads in North America. To put this in perspective, as of October 2013 (the time of KH 2.5’s announcement) the series had sold 20 million units of every game to date.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ tells the story of the many keyblade wielders before the Keyblade War. We suspect the story should lead up to the Keyblade War referenced in Birth By Sleep. By all accounts this is the first game in the series although some magic is in play as usual which makes some of the timeline hard to understand. I’m told the series will begin to make more sense as it pans out.

For now Kingdom Hearts 3’s development has been fairly under wraps and we’re not expecting an official release date anytime soon. Until then we can become a Keyblade wielder and enjoy our many beloved Disney worlds through a tiny screen.

Stay locked to Disneology as we continue to expand our Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ guides and fill you in on all the latest story updates.

Written by Christerical

Big dreams yield many failures so up & at 'em, kids. Writing about the massive empire that Disney's become. And honestly, I don't mind at all. Excuse me while I fan boy.

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