Keyblade List – Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

List of all currently-released Keyblades

All guides are based on the English version of the game and will be updated as more content is released. Our guides are built with your help so please contact us with any tips or corrections so we can build a strong guide to use.

You will be given this keyblade at the beginning of your journey.

Treasure Trove
Obtained in Dwarf Woodlands.
Level 14 – The Mine Pt. 2

Lady Luck
Obtained in Wonderland.
Level 24 – Escorting Alice Pt. 2

Three Wishes
Obtained in Agrabah.
Level 34 – The Search for the Red Bandit Pt. 5

Obtained in Olympus Colosseum.
Level 130 – Preliminary Final Round

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