Jack Skellington Disney Infinity Premium Figure Design Leak

Jack was returning – with new skills and a better figure

Jack Skellington Disney Infinity Premium Figure Leak

One of the things Disney Infinity fans continuously asked for was an update to 1.0 figures. Now that didn’t make much sense for the developers. They were already strapped for time in development so it wasn’t a smart decision to spend time upgrading 1.0 characters without any sort of return on investment.

So their answer was premium figures. These figures were going to be slightly larger, more intricately designed, and light-up similar to the Light FX figures. We were going to see a whole line of Disney Infinity figures like this with new move sets in the game. We’ve already seen the Premium Hulk figure leak a few weeks ago. Despite being a newer character, even the 2.0 premium figures would have seen some sort of upgrades in-game.

Jack Skellington was also to join the ranks. Alongside him we would have seen Hulk, Elsa, Lighting McQueen, Hulkbuster, Yoda, Vader, and Buzz Lightyear. Note: These figures were NOT 12″, like most blogs are claiming.

The figure looks gorgeous. Definitely one I would have invested in. He might have even sat on my desk. We’re lead to believe that the snowflake and pumpkins would have lit up as well. Again, we’re not sure how far in development these figures were, but we do know they were deeply planned.

Watch Infiniteer Adventure’s full video here:

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