How To Unlock The 14 New Secret Characters In Disney Crossy Road!

Disney Crossy Road has been updated to include a new level, The Jungle Book and 14 new secret characters! The new secret characters include 4 from The Jungle Book and 10 spread across six of the original levels. Some of the character unlocks require actions in different levels by characters with new collectibles and actions.

See the Full List of Secret Characters

Here is a list of all 14 new characters and how to unlock them with a video at the bottom of the page! Make sure you check our list of the original characters and how to unlock the secret characters from each level here!

Disney Crossy Road Secret Character7

The Jungle Book Level

Classic Baloo – Play as Regular Baloo and eat fruit from a tree 10 times.

Classic King Louie – Play as Regular King Louie & Collect 50 Bananas.

Bandar-Log Monkey – Collect – Peacock, Crocodile, Flying Squirrel, Vulture to unlock.

Elephant – Welcome To The Jungle – Collect – Baloo, Kaa, Bageerah, Sheere Kahn to unlock.

Disney Crossy Road Secret Character2

Inside Out Level

Abstract Bing Bong – Play as Bing Bong and find the door to abstract thought to make him flat.

Abstract Sadness – Play as Abstract Bing Bong & Die.

Abstract Joy – Play as Abstract Bing Bong and Find a Joy and touch her to make her abstract.

Disney Crossy Road Secret Character3

The Lion King Level

Mufasa – Play as Young Simba and hide in the stampedes for 10-15 seconds.

Adult Nala – Get hit by lightning with any character in The Jungle Book level.

Disney Crossy Road Secret Character4

The Haunted Mansion Level

Horn Player – Play Piano 10 Times as Hook Hands in the Tangled level.

Ezra – Play as Professor Phineas and dodge attacking armor 25 times.

Disney Crossy Road Secret Character1

Wreck-It Ralph Level

Gloyd Orangeburger – Score over 1,500 with Rancis Fluggerbugger in the Wreck-It Ralph level.

Disney Crossy Road Secret Character6

Mickey Mouse & Friends Level

Fifi – Collect 50 bones as Pluto in the Mickey Mouse & Friends level.

Disney Crossy Road Secret Character5

Toy Story Level

Mint In The Box Prospector – Unlock both Jessie and Prospector first, then find Prospector in the Box while playing as Jessie in the Toy Story Level.

Disney Crossy Road New Secret Characters Video

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