How To Find Every Disney Lego Minifigure!

The Disney Lego Minifigure set is now available! There are 18 different minifigures to collect from classic titles like Alice In Wonderland, Aladdin, Little Mermaid & more!


Unfortunately the minifigures are in blind bags and can be a little tricky to feel out and identify. Luckily there is a secret dot matrix on the bottom of each bag that can help you identify the figure hidden inside.

Below are the images of the BACK of the blind bags with the dots highlighted with a black dot. Note that some air bubbles and package damage might have thrown us off a little but that’s why we’ve included the images vs. making a chart for you to follow.

Good Luck hunting for all your figures!

Sorry about missing Stitch! He’s alluded us so far!

NOTE: Your dot layouts might be different from ours, but we’ve confirmed most of these identification dots with multiple bags or with other collectors. Use our guide with caution and when in doubt, do the feel test. 

Written by Daniel

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