Here’s Spider-Gwen’s Disney Infinity Figure Design

It's true, Spider-Gwen was going to be a Disney Infinity Figure

Spider-Gwen Disney Infinity Figure Leak

After the fall of Disney Infinity, sources began leaking all kinds of secrets regarding figures that were going to come to Disney Infinity. One of the biggest surprises was the leak that Spider-Gwen would have come to Disney Infinity.

Throughout the Disney Infinity lifespan, figures were only released from film or television properties. Spider-Gwen would have been the first comic book character to join the game. She’s one of the most loved Spider-man universe characters and would have filled the void for female superheroes in Disney Infinity.

We don’t know if this was the final figure design or not, but we do know that she was definitely in production to see a release within the next year. This might be the most heartbreaking Disney Infinity news to date.

Would you have picked up a Spider-Gwen figure? What do you imagine her attacks would have been? Who would have voiced her? Even if we don’t know these answers, this is one of the final surprises we’ll get from the series that has now completed.

Thanks to Infiniteer Adventures for the exclusive look!

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