Funko’s New Spider-Man Pint Sized Heroes Coming Soon!

Funko has just announced a new line of awesome toys coming this fall to retailers everywhere: Pint Sized Heroes! A new collection of surprise blind toys hits the shelves in addition to Funko’s existing blind bag selections of Mystery Minis and Emojis.

Funko Pint Sized Heroes Spiderman

The new figures share similar design styles to the existing Dorbz line, but only measure about 1.25″ in height (about half the size of regular Dorbz, which are 3″ tall).

Funko Pint Sized Heroes Spiderman

Three franchises were announced for the line up including Marvel’s Spiderman, DC’s Batman & Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe.

Funko Pint Sized Heroes Spiderman

Each line will feature two retail exclusive packages, fitted with at least two special alternative or variant figures.

Gamestop & Toys R Us will hold the retail exclusives for the Spider-Man Pint Size Heroes! Toys R Us will feature Unmasked Spidergwen, White Venom & Glow Goblin, while Gamestop will have Black & Red Spider-Man, Spider Woman, and Hob Goblin!

Check out our full review of the announcement in our awesome video below & let us know in the comments what you think of the new characters!

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