First Disney Infinity Premium Figure Leaked

The Big Green Guy Would Have Returned

Premium Hulk Figure

A few weeks ago after we learned of the death of Disney Infinity, we discovered that a line of 12″ figures were going to be released with special detail and actions within the game. There’s been some confusion and certain inside sources have confirmed that this was in the process – but not necessarily 12″ and certainly not at the $45 price tag that was originally stated.

After the Peter Pan figure leaked earlier this evening we went digging in an Avalanche artists’ portfolio and found what appears to be the first Premium figure leak – Hulk. Disney Infinity has stated before that the green guys were some of their best-selling figures (Mike, Hulk, and Yoda) so it’s no surprise we’d see a Hulk variant in a larger form.

We originally thought the photo was simply an alternate design until we looked the file name – “hulk_premium_f2c_10_26_15.jpg.” Make of it what you will, but I’d suspect this was a Premium figure in the works.


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