Finding Dory and Alice Through the Looking Glass Are Coming to Disney Infinity

At the end of Disney Infinity NEXT – think of it as Disney Infinity’s Nintendo Direct – John Vignocchi made a quick note of content to be announced on the upcoming Disney Infinity NEXT. He said, “the next update will give us a look at our favorite fish and a peek through the looking glass.”

Instantly we thought of Alice and Dory. And that was entirely their intention. A few days later the patch for Disney Infinity 3.0 went live and images of Alice, Mad Hatter, and Time started leaking. Luckily, this seems intentional!

The character designs are straight from the film and while some are displeased with this version of the characters, I can see a the developers having a ton of fun with Tim Burton’s versions. Let’s see how the fans feel once the film hits screens worldwide.

Toys R Us systems have labeled each of these characters as sold separately – no play set coming for Alice Through the Looking Glass is expected.

Another leak was from a very surprising place – the back of a Kraft Mac and Cheese box! An eagle-eyed fan noticed this:

If this box is to be believed, we’ll be seeing a Finding Dory play set paired with a Dory figure. I’d expect that she’s not the only figure coming but only time will tell! We’re also not sure how fish or other swimming characters will fare in the Toy Box but hopefully Disney will expand on that during the upcoming Disney Infinity NEXT.

What do you think of a Finding Dory play set and Alice Through the Looking Glass figures?


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