Fastest Way to Level Up Medals in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Learn to level up your character medals quickly!

Huey, Dewey, and Louie

By far, the fastest way to level a medal up is to fuse them with Huey, Dewey, or Louie, depending on their attribute type. For instance, if you have a medal with the speed attribute (green), fusing them with Louie who also has the speed attribute will provide the highest amount of experience. Below is a chart to show the exact experience you will get from Huey, Dewey, or Louie based on the attribute your medal has.

One Star: 390 XP to same-attribute medals / 260 XP to different-attribute medals
Three Star: 2100 XP to same-attribute medals / 1400 to different-attribute medals
Five Star: 7815 XP to same-attribute medals / 5210 to different-attribute medals
Six Star: 22815 XP to same-attribute medals / 15210 to different-attribute medals

Fusing with Other Medals

All medals have a basic amount of experience they will give you. But fusing them up properly will give you the biggest amount of experience. Like the experience medals (Huey, Dewey, and Louie), fusing with your own attribute will give you a 50% bonus. For instance, fusing Goofy with Paine will give you a bonus since they are both power medals. But there’s another kind of bonus – the franchise bonus. If you fuse Rikku with Paine, you’ll also see a larger amount of experience awarded. This is because they are both from the Final Fantasy franchise. But, if you pair Yuna with Selfie, you’re awarded both bonuses because they are both magic as well as from the same franchise.

Attribute Bonus: +50% Experience
Franchise Bonus: +50% Experience

Leveling Up/Fusing Tips

Keeping Costs Low

You’ll need to sell Moogle medals to get munny to pay for fusing medals. Every time you level up a medal, it’ll cost more to fuse each individual medal after that. So it’s most effective to fuse your medals in series of 5 to spend the least amount every time you fuse.

Ability Dots

If you’re leveling up your character medal, you may want to save some of the same medal for the future. Once you get your medal to a  3★ medals, you’ll start to see ability dots appear in the Special Attack section of your medal description. These dots can be filled by fusing your medal with the same exact same medal. For instance, if you have a KH Sora Ver. B, 3★ medal you’ll need another KH Sora Ver. B, 3★ medal to fill one of those ability dots. By filling the ability dot, your medal’s special ability damage multiplier will increase.

If you find any other useful tips to level up or evolve your medals quickly, please contact us to let us know!

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