E3: Star Wars Battlefront VR, Sequel & Future Titles

The Galaxy's Future Ahead


It’s videogames galore week, as the Electronic Entertainment Expo has begun, and we have brand new Star Wars game announcements from Electronic Arts! On June 13, Electronic Arts made their conference presentation where they showed all the upcoming games from their franchises, and one of them is their license to produce Star Wars games exclusively on home consoles.

Their very first game of this licensing deal was Star Wars Battlefront, which has been a huge success in sales. Last March, they released the first major DLC expansion called Outer Rim, which featured new characters and maps. Electronic Arts talked about the next plans for this franchise, while also revealing a surprise later on Sony’s Conference.

The new content for Star Wars was presented through a brief set of clips of the different developer studios working on the upcoming games. First we were treated with the team working on Star Wars Battlefront, where the first footage of the upcoming Bespin expansion was shown. This expansion will be released next week on June 21, featuring new maps based on Cloud City and new character heroes – Lando Calrissian and Denar – for $15. Other features included in the expansion are new weapons – X-8 Night Sniper and a EE-4 blaster, as well as a flying cloud city vehicle.

The footage at the studio also briefly talked about Criterion’s contributions to the game through VR technology. The next day at Sony’s conference it was revealed that they are working on a space battle add-on mission to the game, but exclusively playable on Playstation’s VR for free (if you own star wars battlefront), called X-Wing VR Mission. Also on the show, they talked briefly about a sequel to Star Wars Battlefront that would release next year and would take place during the time of the new trilogy of films.

From Dice Studios and Criterion, we moved onto Respawn Entertaintment where we see footage of motion capture actors in the middle of a lightsaber duel but no details were revealed on what the game will be about.

We then head to Capital games, the developers of the mobile game, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. They talked about their vision for the game of imagining your own star wars mash ups, and that their main goal is to get characters from every star wars universe, from movies, tv shows and beyond.

Bioware also briefly presented, to talk about their goals through Star Wars: The Old Republic and hinting at more content by mentioning they still have a lot of stories to tell.

After that we switch to Visceral Games, where Amy Hennig (Director & Writer of Uncharted Trilogy) talks about their focus on telling an authentic Star Wars Story and how they are working closely together with lucasfilm’s Doug Chiang on this project. A very brief Early In-Game footage is shown taking place on a desert planet’s town with a star destroyer in the sky and empire flag decorations, that gives us an idea of the time period.

Later on, during Sony’s conference we were also treated with lots of new footage for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens and a demo now available for download.

That’s all we have so far in Star Wars games at this year’s E3, what games are you most looking forward to the most? Excited to see what these new projects will be? Personally, I am very excited to see what Visceral Games is working on, knowing Amy’s excellent work on Uncharted, and from the footage, it could be speculated to be in that same 3rd person shooter style, but will see! Here’s the full Star Wars games montage EA presented:

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