Doctor Strange Disney Infinity Figure Design Leak

More Disney Infinity Figure Designs Released

Doctor Strange Disney Infinity Figure Leak

If you looked at the film lineup for 2016, it wasn’t hard to guess a few of the figures we could see throughout the year. One of those expected figures was Doctor Strange.

Thanks to Infiniteer Adventures and his exclusive reveal, we have the first images of what Doctor Strange would have looked like in Disney Infinity.

The detail is amazing, one of the best Marvel figure designs to date. And the connection to the MCU was clearly important to Marvel and the team considering his likeness to Benedict Cumberbatch is uncanny.

Even though Disney Infinity is cancelled, it’s exciting to see what could have been and what the team was working on. Expect more of these details to leak the further we get from cancelation.

Here are a few other figure leaks:

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Would you have picked up a Doctor Strange figure this November?

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