Disney’s Magic Kingdoms Gem Tips


Disney’s Magic Kingdoms app deals in two primary types of currency, Magic and Gems. Magic is the common type of currency, collected through several different ways such as completing missions, allowing buildings and rides to complete their various tasks, ect. Gems are a premium currency making them much more difficult to find and collect (without paying).

Here’s a quick guide to helping you gather up Gems without buying them from the in app store.

Level Up!

Disney Magic Kingdoms Gems

The easiest way to grab Gems is to level up while playing through the story mode. You will get at least one gem for each level that you gain which after awhile definitely starts to stack up.

Level Up Characters!

Disney Magic Kingdoms Gems

Every time you level up a character through the character book you will receive a Gem and experience bonus! Keep leveling up your characters to collect more Gems!

Complete Character Collections!

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Completing the collections as listed in the characters book can reward you with decent chunks of gems. All you need to do is welcome all the characters listed in each of the several sections to claim the prize. Check out the full character list here!

Have A Parade!

Magic Kingdoms Gems

Create bigger and better parades with more floats to increase your chances of collecting randomly dropped Gems! The more parades the more chances for Gems!

Watch Advertisement Videos!

Magic Kingdoms Gems

Obviously the less than magical way to earn Gems, but when available in the Gem purchase menu, you can watch targeted ads to unlock premium currency!

Buy Gems!

Magic Kingdoms Gems

As a last resort you can always buy Gems from the in game store in various packs from 40-3,000 for as little as $1.99 and as much as $99.99! Keep an eye out, occasional sales and special offers can bundle new characters, buildings and / or gems at a low promotional price!

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