Disney Villain Mystery Minis Coming Soon!

We’ve seen the Disney Princess & Companion Funko Mystery Minis, now we want something a bit more sinister… Coming next month is an incredible line up of Funko Mystery Minis featuring Disney Villains and their companions!

Funko Disney Villain Mystery Minis

The new set of 24 mini figures include the wicked villains from 11 classic Disney favorites! Not all the villain companions are necessarily evil, some are their victims, some are their henchmen.

Cruella is paired with an adorable Dalmatian puppy while the Queen Of Hearts comes with the White Rabbit. Captain Hook is paired with his arch enemy, the hand eat croc & new villains like Lotso come with the incredibly adorable Stretch. Each of the characters have the deliciously adorable spin that only Funko Mystery minis can serve up.

Funko Disney Villain Mystery Minis

The figures will be available starting late August, early September and will be separated into a common case and two retail exclusive cases.

Funko Disney Villain Mystery Minis

Hot Topic’s exclusives will include Captain Hook & Dragon Maleficent. The Lotso & Jafar retailer hasn’t be announced yet.

Funko Disney Villain Mystery Minis

We’ve also got a look at the figure ratios:

Funko Disney Villain Mystery Minis

We broke down all the info in our featured video below! Check it out and let us know which figure you’re most excited for!

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