Disney Funko Mobile Wallpaper Gallery!

Beginning with Disney Infinity, I have been making mobile wallpapers for the community featuring new and old characters in fun or silly situations. Now that Infinity is over, I continue to make the mobile wallpapers, but instead of the game figures, I am using Funko POPs!


Here is a small gallery packed full of Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and more! These wallpapers were designed to fit an iPhone 6+ and should be scalable to most any mobile phone!

Want to see a specific character featured in a wallpaper? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Disney Funko Wallpaper Gallery

Written by Daniel

Disney Dan originally operated Disney Infinity Codes but has since moved onto new and more awesome Disney content including writing for Disneology.com! He's a father, husband, puppeteer and pretend Ghostbuster. Check out his Lego stuff at BricksToLife.com


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