Disney Emoji Blitz Coming Soon

Earn Emoji's For Your Phone

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Disney is moving fast with their mobile games. The newest one to head to iPhone and Android – Disney Emoji Blitz.

This game will be very similar to other Bejeweled-like games from what we can tell. What will be very different, is the ability to earn and collect Emoji’s that you can actually use in chats with your friends. We’re not sure how this will work exactly, but with the upcoming iOS 10 update, it may be possible for these to work as stickers in Messages. Either way, I’m excited to start using a winking Simba emoji.

Characters we know will be included in the game: Elsa, Mickey, Minnie, Tinker Bell, Mike, Sully, Alien, Woody, Kermit, Ariel, Simba, Donald, Nick Wilde, Stitch, White Rabbit, Bambi, Alice, Goofy, Flounder, Cheshire Cat, Pluto, Sebastian, Randal, Genie, and Judy Hopps.

All we know now is we have another awesome Disney-branded game headed toward our phones. And we’re ready to play!

View the new trailer below:

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