Could We See Disney Licenses in Lego Dimensions?

Will Mickey ever join the Ghostbusters?


The second Disney announced the discontinuation of Disney Infinity, people started discussing the future of the Toys to Life market and how Disney would continue to play a part – or if it meant Disney licenses would be absent.

As far as Disney’s concerned, they are no longer developers and will not be producing their own games outside of mobile platforms (Apple TV included). We shouldn’t expect a resurrection of Disney Infinity through Disney. If anything, we’ll see the idea recreated by another developer with Disney simply licensing their content out.

The idea of the Disney properties able to interact and play off of each other is infectious. This idea will not end at Disney Infinity. One of the things Disney Infinity was not able to do within its lifetime was to truly break boundaries. We were treated to figures from numerous franchises and studios, and they were able to interact with each other – in the Toy Box. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Toy Box, but I also wanted worlds where all my figures could interact on a guided path. Toy Box Takeover was the first real mashup done right and from our understanding, Disney Infinity 4.0 was intended to expand upon that idea due to popular demand.

Now, as much as I’m personally not a fan of Lego’s gameplay, it is one of the few games to merge franchises for a singular storyline. They’ve pulled franchises from many, many decades and completely unrelated studios. Franchises we thought to be entirely dead have been revived once again. The Wicked Witch can fly through New York. Harry Potter can drive the Bat-mobile. And the idea of it is magical.

There are pros and cons to both Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions, but since the largest competitor has called it quits, are Disney’s properties up for grabs?

Disney is very strict on how its stories are interpreted. That being said, Lego has had a pretty good run with Disney producing shorts, mini-figures, and even multiple games. The Lego connections have run deep and there is clearly a trusted relationship between the two companies.


I wouldn’t rule out a possible Disney Lego Dimension team-up. I would say that should we see any of these properties join Lego Dimensions, it would most likely come from Marvel or Star Wars initially. I’d be inclined to believe newer franchises like Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures would be included before older, more beloved franchises. If those do well, we could see the series add additional figures in time.

Development of Disney Infinity recently ended so I wouldn’t expect any Toys-to-Life or similar Disney Infinity successor any time soon. Until then, I’m enjoying Disney Crossy Road for my Disney gaming fix.

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