Coin Collecting Tips For Disney Crossy Roads

Disney Crossy Roads is all about two things, hopping along to keep your character alive and collecting coins. Here are a few of our tips for grabbing as many coins as you can while playing Disney Cross Roads!

Plan Your Dash

Disney Crossy Road Coins

Keep a watchful eye ahead of you while your dodging and hopping over and around obstacles. Try to if possible line your character up in the same row as the random coin laying in the middle of the road and at just the right time, dash your character across the screen with a few well timed taps!

Double Back


Don’t be afraid to take a quick second to hop to your left or right, around an obstacle even backwards if it means grabbing a quick extra coin that might have been a little out of the way!

Commercial Breaks

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After a few rounds you will occasionally be greeted with an option to watch a commercial to earn a few free coins. Typically you gather around 40 coins, so the 30 or so seconds it takes to watch these clips is totally worth it! Also, use this time to take a breather and shake out some of the tension in your hands from getting all tensed up and nervous from all that hopping!

Unlock Hamm & Red Coins


Hamm is the magic character that effects the entire game overall. Having Hamm unlocks Red Coins throughout all the worlds. Red coins are worth 5 vs. the yellow coins being only worth 1. These red coins really stack up quickly when you’re playing through a level.


You can unlock Hamm through one of two means, buy him for $4.99 or unlock him through the prize machine! It is going to be particularly tricky unlocking him from the prize blocks because hame is the only Legendary character (the most rare). Interviews with the developer have teases that he is easier to unlock through the secondary prize game (earned by collecting duplicates)… but that can take a really really long time to have him possibly show up.

Free Gifts

At timed intervals (that continue to get longer and longer the more gifts you collect) you will receive a large bundle of coins. Make sure you click yes when it asks you if you want a reminder on when you receive gifts, because the sooner you collect the gift the quicker the timer can reset until the next gift!

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